My Services

What can I offer to you?

As far as tax reports are concerned, it is important that I clarify the following – it is crucial that I speak with the client in detail to get an understanding of the volume of work needed.


I will then consider the amount of paperwork and give a quote accordingly.


If for any reason, the work volume drastically increases during my services, I will be sure to bring it to my clients awareness.

Payment – Upon completion, I will send out an invoice and expect payment to be made prior to sending the reports to the authorities.


We are all working and living or busy lives, and must fulfill our responsibilities, one of them being payment upon completion of a job.


I reserve the right to request a down payment in some cases, as early as our initial contact.



I serve clients across the globe (US, Israel, Europe, Canada and Australia), and therefore it is determined that we will follow the rules and regulations of the client’s country of residence.


My friends – you can find services that are more expensive than mine and those that are less expensive. Here is a link where you will the average prices in the US for the preparation of tax returns:


Our experience has shown us that the majority of the work associated with preparing tax returns comes from attention to detail, meticulous accuracy, and familiarity with the ever-changing tax laws. Our business model is meant to reflect the time it takes to complete a report from start to finish and is therefore calculated at an hourly rate of $150. Please contact us to receive an estimation for the number of hours needed to prepare your individual tax return.


Tax and Business Advice:

Consultations are provided in half-hour windows at a rate of $100/ 30-minutes. The meeting is conducted over Zoom or in person at a pre-arranged time. These consultations are popular with our clients and are provided throughout the year, except during tax season peaks.